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Title Author Date Language File Type Institution Year Download
Title Author Date Language File Type Institution Year Download

Factors affecting performances of first year students in online courses

Author: Associate Professor Mohammad Issack Santally

Institution: University of Mauritius

Date Published: 1 June 2016, Pages: 1-34, Size: 9.27 MB, Language: English

Mohammad Issack Santally Ravindra Boojhawon Roopesh Kevin Sungkur Youshra Rajabalee
1 June 2016 English pdf University of Mauritius 2016

Mobile (tablet) adaptation of the flash-based edutainment website uptoten.com

Author: Mrs. Ruqayyah Mira-Bahadoor

Institution: UpToTen

Date Published: 8 December 2014, Pages: 1-1, Size: 416.7 KB, Language: English

Ruqayyah Mira-Bahadoor Mohammad Issack Santally Roopesh Kevin Sungkur
8 December 2014 English pdf UpToTen 2014

Towards green consumption of electronic devices: Using augmented reality to improve awareness

Author: Dr. Girish Bekaroo

Institution: Middlesex University Mauritius

Date Published: 1 November 2016, Pages: 1-119, Size: 26.2 MB, Language: English

Girish Bekaroo Priscilla Ramsamy Roopesh Kevin Sungkur Alexander Okolo Waseemah Moedeen
1 November 2016 English pdf Middlesex University Mauritius 2016
Mohammad Issack Santally Wolfgang Greller Roopesh Kevin Sungkur Dorothy Cooshna-Naik
1 February 2018 English pdf University of Mauritius 2018